Toraja Incredible 3 Days

Toraja natural offers such amazing beauty. In high altitude areas with daily temperatures that are quite cold between 10 degrees to 25 degrees Celsius, making your trips and activities very comfortable. The landscape is surrounded by cliffs, rice fields, forests, valleys, ravines, large and clear rivers, as well as Toraja houses that will never run out, because they will continue to exist to remote parts of Toraja. You can explore Toraja with a variety of very interesting activities such as trekking, cycling and even rafting. Apart from exploring the nature of Toraja and its amazing and phenomenal culture, of course you can taste the best Toraja coffee, which is very well known throughout the world. You can even taste Toraja coffee in a coffee plantation and also see first-hand the processing of Toraja coffee, from start to finish. And also enjoy local authentic culinary, to provide the best experience while in Toraja. We will provide additional information, if between June and July there is a funeral ceremony / Rambu Solo. Where this world-famous traditional event is usually covered a lot by foreign TV. Because  there are many very interesting activities such as buffalo fighting, buffalo slaughtering, cooking with bamboo, reception dances, carrying coffins procession around the Tongkonan with shouts and typical Toraja songs. Due to covid-19, every party event must have the permission of the local government and the health program. ITINERARY Day 1 (Toraja Low Range)
  • Arriving at the Kunik Buntu airport, you will be greeted by a tour leader and head to the city of Makale, the administrative city of Tana Toraja. You will have a city sight-seeing of Makale, and also have lunch at a local restaurant.
  • After lunch, the tour starts heading to the Jesus statue in Buntu Burake, as one of the largest statues in the world. You will walk along the road between rock cliffs and also view of beautiful rice fields, valleys and forests. In Buntu burake, apart from seeing the statue of Jesus, you can also see a very spectacular view. And your adrenaline will be pumped while walking on the glass bridge (Glass Bridge).
  • The journey continues to visit Ke’te Kesu, a traditional village with rows of Toraja traditional houses, a center of Toraja sculpture, and old burials. You can shop for souvenirs and handicrafts from local people here.
  • Towards ‘Glamping Kapitoo’, you will pass through the city of Rantepao, along the way you will still be treated by amazing views. Do not rush to keep off your camera, because on the streets you will get lots of interesting moments.
Day 2 (Toraja High Range)
  • Breakfast and relax at Glamping Kapitoo “Finest Dining & Coffee”, a restaurant with the best food and drinks in Toraja, enjoy it with surrounding of rice fields and views of the city of Rantepao from a distance.
  • After breakfast, you will start a trip to a high land area. We recommend to prepare your camera stand by along the trip.
  • Passing the coffee plantation of PT TOARCO JAYA, an example of the local’s coffee.
  • You will pass the magnificent stone graves of Lo’ko ‘Mata. Where a stone as big as a house was carved and built into a grave by the Toraja people. You will pass through rural areas, where you will see directly Toraja people living along with the traditional architectural heritage of their traditional houses called “Tongkonan” and local people’s rice barns.
  • Continue journey to the burial of hundreds years old rock cliffs hidden in Tebing Pana’. You may try wearing a traditional Toraja war dance outfit “Manganda”.
  • Culinary lunch, you will be treated an organic goldfish dish with special Toraja spice “Pamarrasan”, while enjoying the view of the vast edge of the rice fields.
  • The tour continues to visit the Kalimbuang Bori megalithic site, where you can see hundreds years old stones stretched neatly for funeral rituals arrangement.
  • Return to “Glamping Kapitoo”
Day 3 (Rafting Day)
  • After breakfast at “Glamping Kapitoo Finest Dining & Coffee” you will start your adventure journey today.
  • You will pass through Lolai, the land above the clouds, namely the countryside at an altitude of 1.300 m above sea level, you can see the sunrise and the clouds that clump at your feet.
  • From Lollai Village you will go to the rafting start point on the Mai’Ting River. You will be amazed by the rivers and unspoiled nature, where flocks of wild egrets and claws, whistling ducks and exotic iguanas. The view of dozens of waterfalls and canyons/ cliffs will also amaze you.
  • Feel the adrenaline rush when you go rafting on the river with 2-3 rafting classes (class is easy and suitable for beginners).
  • Lunch by the river while enjoying the river currents, waterfalls, and the soothing sounds of nature.
  • After finishing rafting, you can go straight to “Glamping Kapitoo or just shop for souvenirs or taste local food in Rantepao
  • 3 Days tour leader
  • Airport shuttle.
  • Car vehicles for tours
  • Entrance tickets to tourist objects.
  • Day 1 Lunch
  • Day 2 Lunch
  • Day 3 Lunch
  • Refillable bottles
  • Mineral water during the trip
  • Rafting
  • Rafting guide
  • Rafting guide assistant
  • Rafting equipment with international standards
  • Rafting transportation
  • Rafting certificate
Exclude : Tips, Hotel accommodation, Air fare ticket CONDITIONS
  • Minimum participants: 4 people
You may choose and book a One Day tour or 2 Days tour only or the 3 Days Toraja Incredible package
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