Toraja Beautiful 4 Days

Toraja is a famous tribe with its rich culture such as traditional ceremonies, as well as its beautiful nature. Spread over two districts, namely Tana Toraja and North Toraja. The Toraja tribe lives in the high mountains surrounded with rough granite cliffs of the highlands on the island of Sulawesi. The Toraja people until now still adhere to their ancient beliefs, rituals and traditions, even though many have modernized or embraced Christianity. Due to covid-19, every party event must have the permission of the local government and the health program. ITINERARY Day 1
  • Arriving at Tana Toraja airport, you will be greeted by the tour leader and then heading to the city of Makale to have lunch there.
  • Continue your journey to the highest point in Makale, Jesus at Burake surrounded with a stretched breath taking landscapes. You will walk along the road between rock cliffs and also views of magnificent rice fields, valleys and forests. In Buntu Burake, apart from the statue of Jesus sightseeing, you can also see a very spectacular view. And you can walk on the glass bridge (Glass Bridge), where your adrenaline will be pumped.
  • After Burake, we will take you to enjoy a cup of Toraja coffee at Kete Kesu, where Tongkonan/ traditional houses are neatly lined up. All surroundings are beautiful so it’s easy to take amazing photographs
  • Passing through the city of Rantepao, remind your driver if you need to buy something before you head to the hotel.
Day 2 – Rafting day
  • At very early morning, you’ll be picked up to go to the land above the cloud, Lolai which you can feel the cloud just by your side
  • Then go to rafting starting point at Maiting river. The river location condition is safe and you’ll be guided by experienced guide with international certification.
  • After finish rafting then we take you to Limbong exotic lake, which is surrounded by cliffs, here you will feel serenity and solitude.
  • Return to hotel
Day 3 – Offroad
  • At 08.00 in the morning you will be picked up to go to Ollon, don’t forget to make sure your camera battery is full or prepare a power bank, a very fantastic view awaits you along the trip. We will prepare lunch, snacks and also soft drinks during the trip to Ollon.
  • Along the trip you’ll experience a magnificent and luxury sight seeing panorama as it’s only available in Toraja.
  • At the Ollon you’ll enjoy capturing beautiful scenery while having lunch.
  • Return to hotel
Day 4
  • It’s time for you to enjoy the hotel and the nature surrounding as we will pick you up at 10.00 am to go to the dunes. Where is like a sand dune and you can surf on this sand dune.
  • From the dunes. If you only took a while there, we will take you to Buntu Pune, where you will see hundreds years of very exotic Toraja houses.
  • Then you will be taken to a souvenir shop in Rantepao, where you can see directly the process of making woven fabrics, shop for some popular Toraja spices such as Kluwak Toraja, Katokkon chili etc. Also you can taste an exotic Toraja dishes such as Pogalu (from sago, fresh soup sour, salty, spicy) you might addicted to this; other option is to buy some Toraja handicrafts such as carvings or sculptures.
  • 4 day tour leader
  • Return airport shuttle
  • Vehicles for tours
  • Entrance tickets to tourist objects.
  • 4 x 4 vehicle
  • Lunch 4 times
  • Fruit/ soft drinks/ mineral water
  • Refillable bottles
Exclude: Tips, Hotel accommodation, Air fare ticket CONDITIONS
  • Minimum participants: 4 persons
You may choose and book 1 Day tour, or 2 Days tour, or 3 Days only or the package of 4 Days Toraja Beautiful
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