Cycling – Rantepao Circuit

Enjoying the beauty of Toraja by cycling, of course you’ll get different experience. You will feel close to nature, friendly people, the crowds of children playing or even directly greeting Tedong Bonga which costs hundreds of millions. In Toraja, your bicycle can be stop by at anywhere you like, the people would love to ensure a warm welcome to your visit. Be careful not to chat too long, because it is common in Toraja, if you are a guest, you won’t wait long, a cup of coffee will be served for free immediately. If it’s like this, you will arrive late at the finish. Fun right? We look forward to welcome you in Toraja. ITINERARY
  • You will be picked up at the hotel
  • Start from the edge of the Sadan river, along the rice fields with views of the hills.
  • You will also see community activities along the way, including farmers working in the fields
  • You will rest in a Tongkonan, where you can enjoy coffee/ tea /snacks with a stunning view
  • After that, see the traditional coffee process, from drying to milling.
  • Towards Kalimbuang Bori, there is a menhir stone site. You will have lunch at the Toraja house/ barn which is located on the side of the rice fields.
  • After lunch proceed to walk through the rice fields with hills on the  background and pass the Marante site, where there are Tao-Tao.
  • Followed by passing through Bolu market, the largest traditional market in Toraja and there is also the largest animal market, which trades Toraja buffalo for hundreds millions Rupiah.
  • Return to hotel
  • Shuttle vehicle
  • Merida MTB bikes
  • Clean helmet
  • Refreshment
  • Fruits
  • Lunch
  • Coffee/ Tea/ Mineral water as much as you can
  • Emergency vehicle
  • First aid
  • Guide
  • Guide assistant
Exclude : Tips CONDITIONS
  • Minimum participant: 4 persons
  • Distance: 35 km( 5-6 hours)
  • Terrain condition: Flat, 10% slightly inclined
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